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"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow'."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Monday, July 19, 2010

Health goals for this week

I married the guy who walked out on me back in November 2008, 13 years ago.  No complicated feelings, just the thought that I really need to get this divorce over with.  It sure would be nice if he would respond to my e-mails about settlement details.

The whole thing is ewwwy, so enough about that.  Here are my health goals for this week:

1.  Have eggs and decaf coffee for breakfast Monday - Friday.  No carbs or cheese.
2.  Exercise for an hour every day.  Any sort of exercise is fine since it was just last week that my kneecap was determined to be healed and I was released from physical therapy.  I plan to get back on the elliptical tonight after 9 weeks of waiting for that bone to heal well.
3.  Do the pilates video once and do 3 yoga practices.
4.  Only consume alcohol at social gatherings - no drinking at home alone.

That's enough for the first week of healthy goal setting.  What health goals do you have for this week?  With so many stages to grief work it is so important to set goals that are appropriate for where you are.  Earlier this year my goals were to go to the gym and change into my workout clothes and if I wanted to go home right away I could but once I was there and dressed I always wanted to exercise for at least a bit. 

Any goals from getting out of bed to shower and put on clean pajamas before returning to sob under the covers, to serious physical training, to finding a therapist, to expressing yourself through art, and everything in between are appropriate.  What can you do this week to take good care of yourself?

I'll post a linky thing every week for a while to see if this is interesting to people.  If you are interested in participating in healthy behavior please join in!


Lavender Luz said...

I'll commit to doing yoga 3 times this week. And cardio at least once.

I don't have a whole blog post for it, though. But I'll tweet about your Linky thingy.

Great idea!

debbie said...

Maybe two runs? We'll see if time will allow, but that will be my goal.

Quiet Dreams said...

I'm trying to eat more vegetables and go on longer walks with the pooch (starting to build strength back after my appendectomy).

Ya Chun said...

1) take at least 4 two-mile walks
2) eat healthy

this is a great idea! and I know you can reach all your goals this week - you have a lot and I admire you for it!

biojen said...

I'll have to start slow as I just got over a nasty illness and I have 3 days of training out of town next week.

This is a great idea, here goes:

I commit to go run with my friend at least once this week. I commit to spending an hour fishing by myself. I commit to meditating before I go to bed.

Good luck, ladies!

foxy said...

hehehe I love that you once had a goal to go to the gym and change into your workout clothes. A few months ago, it was all I could muster to attend the pilates classes and lay on the mat and breathe. I didn't do any of the exercises, just laid there and breathed.

Maybe this doesn't count as a health goal, but I commit to painting my nails this week. I always feel so much prettier when my nails are painted.