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"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow'."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Friday, March 23, 2012

A sparkle inspired segue

I think a marriage is something to be proud of - being married is a source of pride.  To me, wedding rings look like stability, determination, patience, and being selfless at times.  They are a symbol that someone loves you enough to make that pledge of "for better and for worse" and that someone is willing to spend the rest of their life with you.

So it's hard to know what to do with these stubborn ideals, even after having experienced their fiery failure, and it's hard to know what to do with an old wedding ring, even after learning that the diamonds are cheap and the whole thing is only worth the price of scrap gold.

I used to be so proud of that damn thing.


Kristin said...

How about have it melted down and turned into a pendant?


Alexicographer said...

A tough one. I recently (with his permission, really at his suggestion) took my DH's wedding ring from a prior marriage and sold it (to a jeweler, to be melted down). He and I have been married for over a decade, so it's not like that was a decision reached hastily. Prior to that, the ring just sat for a long time in a safe spot. I'd say it's not a decision you need to make in haste, though of course there may also be good reasons to make one and be able to cross needing to do so off your proverbial list.

Sophie said...

I don't even wear my wedding rings. Aaron lost his. Or he can't get it to fit. I can't remember.

But they are special aren't they. About promise and hope.

He broke his promise...

My suggestions are:

If the ring reminds you of your connection to Toren. Bury it. You've probably replanted a garden for Toren... give it to him. Plant something over it.

Go to the ocean and throw it off a pier.

Stick it in an evelope and send it to your ex. No words, no nothing (did you get a receipt for the evaluation you had?)... and don't give him a return address. Let him ponder what to do with it. Not your problem.


Quiet Dreams said...

I like the idea of melting it down.

My marriage/divorce was so toxic that the only thing I wanted to do was bury the ring. So that's what I did.

Annabelle said...
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Anonymous said...

My wedding ring flew out the window in an argument. It broke my heart just as much as the general sad state of my marriage. My ex-jerk gave me another ring after that (as a cheap way of saying sorry for ripping of my ring and throwing it away.)

After we split, I didn't know what to do with it. And after it lay around for a year or two, I gave it to a friend of mine (silversmith) to melt. And in exchange she made me a special ring for me - NOT from the same silver, she felt it was important to use different silver to get rid of the vibes (her words). I agree with her and absolutely love my freedom-ring.

The solution will come to you in time. xo