Wishing you courage

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow'."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Friday, November 30, 2012

Crossed fingers didn't work.

Low progesterone and low anti-mullerian hormone and a referral to a fertility clinic. 

It feels a lot more intense than it looks written down.  It looks like there are good options and plenty to feel hopeful for.  It feels like the chance of having a child that is genetically related to both of us is remote.  Statistically, delivering a child at all is not so likely.

I'll go to the initial visit to find out all options, but I can't really afford expensive treatments.


Alexicographer said...

Oof, I'm sorry. I don't know much about AMH; I know it's a test related to ovarian function, a function (not a test, they weren't using AMH way back when) that I lacked. But to summarize my quick knowledge, at least what I was tested for, FSH (you want that low, and AMH high), it was used to predict how well one would respond to treatment to hyperstimulate the ovaries, and didn't have much meaning outside of that. So I'm not sure it's tremendously important unless you are looking at IVF.

I'm pretty sure the progesterone problem is easily (and pretty cheaply) treated. I hope that's the case. Has SnuggleBunny been tested for anything? Because male factor is one of the big reasons to need IVF, but lacking male factor, hopefully you can do this without needing much help.

Catherine W said...

Oh no. My fingers were crossed for you and I was hoping for different news. And I know that horrible jarring difference between how something looks and how something feels.

I know it's just an anecdote but I've been down the fertility clinic route, was told that the only way would likely be expensive treatments and it didn't end up being the case. I'm just hoping for you and, reading alexicographer's comment above, it sounds like I have reason to be.

Alexicographer - you may say you don't know much but it all sounds good to me!

Sara said...

I'm sorry for the scary results and hoping good things for you. Crossing my fingers so hard that you and your doctors able to overcome this stuff. xoxo

Alexicographer said...

@CatherineW actually I do think I know a fair amount (even about infertility treatments!) but it's not terribly current and I don't know how much of my experience and knowledge is relevant to AnnaMarie's situation. I do 100% agree with you about the treatment thing ... I think many doctors understand the "Can I get pregnant?" question to mean "Can the treatments you have help me get pregnant?" and that even if the answer to that second question is no, it doesn't mean that the answer to the first question will be. Not every condition that reduces the probability of pregnancy (in any given month) requires treatment, and not all are responsive to the available treatments.

reba alice said...

Hi Anna--I don't know about the anti-mullerian hormone, but I had low progesterone as well. I took progesterone suppositories in both my pregnancies for the first few weeks after finding out I was pregnant. I think they were pretty cheap. Has Andy had a sperm test done as well? Those are easy to do (lucky guys...seriously) and can be super informative. I definitely think you should go to the visit to find out your options.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I'm late for this news AnnaMarie, and I'm so sorry you're dealing with bad news.

How are you doing? Abiding with you.