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"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow'."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exciting news, as promised!

The arrival of good news was delayed a bit but this afternoon the puppy I adopted was delivered! I only took a few photo's and none are good but this is her drifting off to take a nap.

It's been kind of a rough day for her being in a new place and away from her litter mates for the first time. Tonight we are just hanging around the house together while she settles in.

My family had dogs when I was growing up and I dog sit sometimes but having a puppy around is new to me. Please share any advice you have on raising a dog and wish us luck!!!

I'll tell you more about her later, right now I have a puppy to attend to!


debbie said...

How sweet!!! What a great idea. And her name is . . . ?

Reba said...

she's lovely! when we got our first puppy (i was 16), we tried to crate-train him. my sister and i slept on the floor in front of the crate so he would sleep. otherwise he wouldn't stop crying and it was heartbreaking.

he was SUCH a good dog!!! i imagine he's hanging around with my twins now...

Meg said...

AnnaMarie! I'm so happy for you! What's her name? Where did you get her? What mix is she? I have 2 dogs and they are my joy. This will certainly keep you busy!

We have crate trained in the past. It totally helps with housetraining. And, as for advice? Definitely be consistant. And, if she pees in the house, only say a sharp NO while she's doing it. If you're even a minute late she won't know what she's being yelled at for. And, if you catch her peeing or pooing in the house, after you yell NO, pick her up (this will stop the stream) and put her outside. Even if she's already done. She needs to know that peeing is done outside. And always praise when she does something good. Also, dogs love to get massages on their shoulders. Almost like your fingers are biting them. And, a reward doesn't always have to be a treat. A pet or rub will do.
And, if she is scared, as hard as it is, don't pet her or sooth her. It reinforces that what she's doing (being scared) is "ok". Let her get through it and when she's calm and happy, you can pet her and say good girl.
And, if she jumps up, turn around and don't pet her and she'll get the message. And, finally, obviously, take her for walks. Don't let her go in front of you. This will insure she sees you as the leader and she'll respect you.
You seem very nurturing and I think that pup is so lucky! Can't wait to learn more!

Zil said...

What a little cutie!

I would have a whole house full of dogs if I could. They're such wonderful companions. Mine are both crate trained - not easy, but well worth it.

Please share more! I'm sure you'll have some more great photos and stories to tell :) Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Sara said...

Eeeeeeee!! How exciting! She is so adorable.

Meg has some great advice. I would also suggest that you take her to puppy/obedience class. It's really fun and you become very bonded to the dog this way. All my dogs loved it 'cause it was all about treats treats treats, plus it's very important for a dog to learn manners.

Have a great time with her, and yes, please more pics!

Sophie said...

Wow! She's gorgeous. Want more pics!!!

All I can say about dogs right now, (I have two) is put down lots of newspaper and have a doggy door installed.

As much as people have your best interests at heart I would tell you quite honestly to just love this puppy however you want to. So your puppy will wrap you around its finger and cry for you when is scared? So what.

Don't overcomplicate things. Enjoy your puppy. Lavish love on her and enjoy her lavishing love on you. It'll work itself out in the end.


CLC said...

OMG, she is so adorable!! Congrats on your new puppy!

Googies Girl said...

Oh, she is soooo beautiful.

My best advise on potty training. Get a "jingle bell" to hang on the back door (or door she will use to go outside) whenever that door is opened, the bells will automatically "jingle". She will eventually understand that is the way to go outside and will run to the door and ring the bell herself when she needs to go outside. Just don't go outside and leave her behind (I have lost many of jingle bells that way - they will tear the hell out of them wanting to go outside with you! I have crate trained before as well, but this worked like a charm! And it's the perfect time (only time of year) to get a jingle bell!
Congrats, she is soooo precious! More pics!!

Meg said...

when you get a chance, could we have some details on that sweet, little doggie?

Hope said...

She is beautiful! I'm so glad that you got her. My pets have provided me with so much comfort through the past few months!
Make sure to spend plenty of time snuggling her! She will help you through this tough time!